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In 2011, SOF Dynamic was born from a need for better tools, tactics, and solutions for the EOD Tech's, Bomb Squads and other soldiers on the front lines facing the threat from Improvised Explosive Devices. One of the key procedures to improving the safety is increasing standoff distances. To accomplish we have developed a line of lightweight and compact grappling hooks called the SPUD and SPUD Jr, which are specifically designed to aid in remote move procedures.


We have recently finished our development of our prototype Remote Door Opener (RDO) attachment. The RDO is designed to be used in conjunction with the SPUD. Once assembled it can be quickly attached to a vehicles car door and used to remotely open it. While providing an extremely effective method to open the door, it also helps lower Time on Target (TOT) by allowing the tech the ability to quickly place the unit and leave as opposed to being forced to carry a large amount of equipment that would need to be assembled on target.


SOF Dynamic remains committed to operators worldwide. We will continue to develop and implement new tools that help aid in the safety and functionality of bomb disposal operations.

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